5 Activities using Wind-up toys

When I’m not in the mood to prep, here’s one of my go to toys to use in therapy: Wind-Up Toys!! 
Here are 5 unique, easy ways to utilize wind-up toys during therapy..

1. Cup/Bucket Drop

Place you wind up toys on a table or high box (sometimes I use my file folder box) and place cups or shallow baskets around. Place flashcards with your target sound/word in each of the cups/baskets/buckets. When a wind-up toy falls in the cup, have the child say the target sound/word to “save” the wind-up toy to put him back on the table/box.

2. Picture Stop 

Place pictures or flash cards on the table or floor. Wind-up one or as many wind-up toys as you can. If a wind-up toy lands on a picture, say that picture x amount of times.

3. Pick and Say

Place your wind-up toys on top of pictures/flashcards. Have your child choose a wind-up toy and say the target sound/word underneath to get an opportunity to play with the toy.

4. Don’t Leave the Circle

Kind of like sumo wrestling..but with wind-up toys lol. Have you and the student each pick a wind-up toy and place it in the center of a drawn circle (use paper taped on the table) First person’s wind-up toy to leave the circle had to say a target sound/word to reenter. Keep points if you choose 

5. Secret Cup

Tape pictures of target sounds/words on the underside of plastic cups. Place “secret” wind-up toys under each cup and have the child choose a cup and say the sound/word to get a chance to play with the wind-up toy!

Let me know if you have any other ideas!!

Stay well,