10 Functional ways to target /f/

I’m big on lists.

Flashcards are great, but sometimes they get a bit boorrriinnggg. Here are some functional ways you can practice targeting f in the initial position of words using common toys/items and nothing at all.
1) Play Hide-n-Seek: Practice saying “I found you”.

2) Play a Board Game: Practice saying “four” and “five” if you spin/roll that number (use your own spinner or dice if necessary).

3) Use Farm Toys: Have the child sort animal toys (e.g. animals that live on the farm and animals that do not) and elicit the target word “farm”, by asking “Where does it live?”.

4) Play with Food: Elicit target words “feed” and “food” by asking prompting questions throughout. Elicit targets by providing cloze phrase prompts such as “The baby wants more…(food)”, “Okay, let’s (feed) the _____”.

5) Make a Face: Have your child practice saying “face” when asked “Where do we put the ____?”. Use Mr. Potato Head, Play-Doh or “face” themed sticker books.

6) Make a Sensory Bucket: Elicit the target word “feel” by taking turns and talking about how different items “feel”. Make your own sensory bucket, have the child bring in items, or go on a scavenger hunt.

7) Go on a Scavenger Hunt: Create a checklist of items to look for in the office/home etc.. The items could be specific, based on color or shape, or function. Have the child say what he/she finds by using the target phrase “I found a _____”.

8) Make a Memory Game: Play a memory game where items are hidden underneath cups. Have the child say the target word “found” when he/she finds an item.

9) Use Blocks/Cups: Use dice to determine how many blocks/cups you can add to your tower. Practice f in the target words “four” and “five” when you roll that number.

10) Go Fishing: Use double sided tape, string and a pencil to create a “fishing pole”. Use colored paper as “fish” and have the child practice the target word “fish” when it’s his or her turn.

Let me know if you have any other ideas to add!!

Stay well,