5 Quick activities for articulation drills

Hi Everyone!

Sometimes in therapy, I’m not always the best at taking consistent data…(anybody else???), but I do like having a few easy to implement activities to get some data points in a pinch.

Here are 5 quick and simple activities that can be used to get lots of repetitions/trials from your kiddos. Most of my activities are geared towards articulation goals and the treatment of speech sound disorders, but these activities can be really used with any goal. 

1. Pom Pom Toss

Number plastic cups to designate the number of times a child has to say his/her sound/word. Place flashcards in the cup or just have a deck in hand to use. I like to place some goodies in some of the cups to make it more motivating.

2. Bean Bag Toss

Similar to the Pom Pom Toss, but I use numbered construction paper on the floor to designate how many times a sound/word needs to be said. Place stickers or goodies underneath as extra reinforcement. 

3. Numbered Muffin Tin

Place numbers in each space of the muffin tin, then fill the tin with toys of the child’s choice. Could be blocks, play-doh balls, parts of Mr. Potato Head, cars, beads. Just make sure the child says the target sound/word the number of times stated before he/she gets to keep what was inside the section of the muffin tin. 

4. Water Bottle Ring Toss

Write numbers on the tops of each water bottle (I usually have the water bottles filled to make it easier and so they’re not falling all over the place) Have the child say the target sound/word the number of times written on the water bottle he/she gets. I like to write stars on some of the water bottles for extra motivation. These could mean a movement break, video break, bubble break etc.

5. Cup Stacking 

Write numbers 1-5 on approximately 20 cups. Take turns with the child selecting a cup, saying the target sound/word the number of times on the cup, and stacking the cup to create a tower. See who can make the tallest tower without it falling down!

Let me know what you think and if you have any quick activities that you like to use for drilling!

Stay well,